Are you facing a career predicament?   Unsure where to turn?

  • a high performer with a drive for achievement and feeling dissatisfied?
  • struggling to integrate your professional and personal roles?
  • needing to be more effective as a manager or leader?
  • uncertain how to make a career transition?
  • needing to advance and/or strengthen your professional brand? 
  • suffering with a difficult supervisor?
  • in a job that no longer fits your life stage and priorities?
  • experiencing work-related stress, anxiety, depression or burnout?

Consider the benefits of working with a knowledgeable, energetic, and resourceful strategic thinking partner, who will engage you in an inspiring, supportive, and practical career development process.  

You will:

  • learn how to leverage your natural talents, motivators and personality for greater career satisfaction,
  • identify your specific competencies and feel confident about marketing them,
  • be clear about your unique strengths, knowledge and experience to support your advancement or a career change,
  • recognize how engaging your life purpose, principles and priorities contributes to gratifying career outcomes,
  • recognize the powerful connection between poor job fit, high distress, and the risk for burnout.

Extensive career development expertise has provided Kathleen with a bone deep understanding of the issues facing individuals at every stage of the family and career life cycle.   

An advanced certified personal and executive coach, counselling psychotherapist and certified stress consultant, Kathleen is the source for effective career strategies.

If you are ready to engage in an indepth career focused growth experience, explore this site to learn more about Kathleen's services.  

Call today to arrange for a 30 min. complimentary telephone consultation: 780-752-4015.

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CAREER is a lifestyle concept involving all of a person's roles (paid work, personal, learning, leisure). An individual's career is unique and dynamic as it unfolds throughout the journey of life.